We do M.O.R.E.

In class, we will be doing MORE.  It is an acronym that outlines the values that we will strive to live out in class daily.  Students that exemplify MORE qualities will receive a "Postive Post-It" that enters them into a bi-weekly raffle for a class prize and postive phone call home.

MASTERY - You will be prepared for success on the EOG, high school, and beyond!

  • Daily assignments to reinforce course content will be completed in and out of class.
  • 80% Mastery on all quizzes and tests
  • 300,00 words by the end of the year
  • Individual trackers will let you and me know where you stand at all times.

OPTIMISM - Attitude is everything and this class requires a positive, "can do" mindset!

  • Appreciate that education opens the door to opportunities.
  • We will celebrate our progress and achievements.
  • We have shout-out Friday’s, where each student has a moment to reflect on another student’s great moment.
  • We learn from our mistakes to avoid a similar outcome in the future.
  • Believe in your potential and be willing to work hard to reach it.

RESPECT- We will value each other's contributions to the class!

  • Listen to others when they speak.
  • Keep an open mind to the opinions and feelings of your classmates.
  • Support one another in meeting both personal and classroom goals.
  • Use appropriate language and actions at all times.

EFFORT- We will strive to give our very best - every day!

  • Come to class prepared and be engaged throughout the lesson.
  • Assignments will be fully completed and submitted on time.
  • Ask questions, think critically and take ownership of your success.
  • The words "I can't" will not be allowed in class